Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat&Cellulite Remover Body Slimming Massager Machine 3-in1

Ultrasonic slimming. [GL] Ultrasonic-Cavitație Body Massicer Fat Removal Slimming Machine Beauty SUA


    Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Beauty Machine Prezentare generală According to the traditional Chinese medicine meridian therapy also known as musculoskeletal therapythe traditional Chinese medicine human hand vacuum negative pressure rhythm operation mode is used to position the body meridians, acupoints, and tendons to locate, massage, stimulate, and combine the Italian magnetic energy sine wave to target acupuncture points to coordinate the body.

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    Resonance, improve muscle state, regulate blood; in addition, the thermal effect of Israel's NM laser light selectively melts the cell membrane of fat cells, dissolves fat cells, and imports ultrasonic radiofrequency waves to cause strong resonance of cell molecules, making fat cell ultrasonic slimming active, Prin urmare, through the sweat gland, liver and intestine circulation and lymph, the excess fat and toxins in the body are excreted in ultrasonic slimming body, ultrasonic slimming as to achieve the purpose of slimming and shaping S-curve shape management, and finally, the various functions of the human body can be coordinated and unified to achieve a healthy balance of the body.